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23 April 1984
I don't like biography so read my journal

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I'm not very good with this. Lets see I'm 18 years old and still in high school. I'm told that I'm a lovely person, who is a little weird at times. I'm also told that under all this angel I have a little devilish side to me. Read my journal it has everything you will ever need to know.
Strengths: I don't know all my strengths yet. This summer has helped me to find some of them. I'm determine, strong willed, nice, friendly, trusting, and caring.
Weaknesses: I know what my weaknesses are but it is very hard to find the right words for them. My weaknesses that I can put into words are math, art, staying on the internet to long, my shyness, and to talkative.
Special Skills: My special skills are writing poetry, writing, and computers.
Weapons: I have long nails that can do some serious damage. So don't try to take my food away. I also have a stare that can knock you off your feet.
Things that make me happy: sleep, friends, this one guy, music,my stuffed bunny, and sometimes it's in the small things.

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Adopted at Janie's Virtual pets!

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